John Varriano, New York Artist
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Artist, John Varriano, was born into a family of Artisans and builders, and taught to work with tools and materials from a very young age. This allowed his ease with sculpting, free form cement design, and direct application oil painting to flourish further on in his life.


From the time of his boyhood Varriano was deeply moved by the arts, and felt the tug of creativity especially in the visual arts. He had a passion for drawing, music and writing, but was not to fully engage with his most beloved medium, oil paint, until his young adulthood. 


After graduating from The High School of Art and Design, Varriano acquired a degree in Engineering Technology and pursued a career in Architecture and Design. Working for years as an architectural draughtsman and builder, he made a decisive commitment to his art in his late twenties. 


Varriano experimented for a number of years with Abstract Expressionism in painting and sculpture. He was selling this work to a number of private patrons, when a desire to explore the human figure and nature led to a process of intensive self study that gradually led to his current unique and powerful style.  


Varriano is a Native New Yorker and since his childhood has been fascinated by people. As a result of growing up in Queens, attending High School in Manhattan, College in Brooklyn and having friends from every Borough, he explored many of the nooks and crannies of “This most magnificent and diverse City.” Driven by his lifelong interest in New York City, he was compelled to bring his paints and easel to the streets in order to get an intensely up close perspective on the subject. Years of this kind of work led to the conceptualization and realization of his current ongoing project, New York, The Gilt Edged to The Inner City.


John Varriano has shown his works in Galleries throughout New York City, Philadelphia, Palm Beach and Abu Dhabi, including one man shows in 2001, 2003, and most recently in 2009. In January of 2009, his artwork appeared on the front page of The New York Times, one of only two paintings in History to grace the cover of the esteemed newspaper.  In 2010 he was honored to show his paintings and give a lecture at the prestigious National Arts Club about his life and the influences affecting his art. In the Winter of 2012 he exhibited in a retrospective titled A New York Frame of Mind at The Flinn Gallery in Greenwich, CT, and has since been showing in a number of various exhibits in The Diego Salazar Gallery in Long Island City, NY.

2009, Varriano's large scale oil painting, Bar at The Four Seasons,
appeared on the front cover of the New York Times.
For  this large scale Corporate Commission, Varriano received special permission to set up his
easel on the observation deck of  the New York  Stock Exchange.   This painting as well as an
interview with Varriano, appeared on CNBC News.