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cappuccino family
portrait of harold
the four season's bar
portrait of ivan

The Cappuccino Family 

2010 oil painting on canvas, 72 x 84 inches, collection of  Drs. Andrew and Helen Cappuccino


Varriano flew to the  family's estate to portray this dynamic couple and their children in one of their favorite dwellings. Matriarch and Patriarch, the parents as leaders of the family, are placed in the center providing the planetary rock around which the children orbit like satellites.  Each of the children are surrounded with the objects of their respective pursuits, preserving for posterity the passions and inspirations that are so elemental to each childs unqiue personality and talents.   view


Portrait of Harold 

2010 oil painting on canvas, 54 x 40 inches, collection of Mr. Harold Reiter


The handsome face framed by silver hair has an air of sagacity that we can trust.  His fist rests firmly against his thigh implying reserved strength while the relaxed ease of his left arm displays an air of casualness that suggests he can be gentle as well as strong.  The face, although realistic and true in color, is painted with broad confident strokes that reflect the personality of the sitter. He looks directly at us with a warm open expression.  The juxtaposition of formality and casualness is one of the trademarks of Varriano’s portraits. view

The Bar at The Four Seasons 

2007 oil painting on canvas, 72 x 84 inches, private collection Palm Beach


An enormous undertaking, this large scale composition of one of New York's most legendary power broker restaurants features over fifty recognizable characters.  It is a grand scale orchestration that can be explored inexhaustibly in terms of physiology, psychology and body language.   This commissioned work was one of two paintings in history to grace the front cover of the esteemed New York Times newspaper.  view


Portrait of Ivan 

2010 oil painting on canvas, 50 x 38 inches, collection of Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Kaufman


His crystal blue eyes smile with a subtle irony in the brow revealing that perhaps behind it all, this influential businessman may be a little shy.  It communicates a  welcoming expression of a self made man.  Varriano uses subtle facial expression as well as body language to capture the essence of those who sit for him.  view

the golfers
menges family portrait
jacobs men
the equestrian
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About Corporate and Private Commissions 


Varriano is known for his  powerful sensitivity in seeing and rendering his subject matter.  The emotional value of a particular statement, a relaxed gesture communicated through the movement of the body, a certain flicker in the eyes... serve as the artists inspiration.


With a series of rapid sketches evocative, yet graceful compositions emerge.  He arranges the hands in such a way, positions the tilt of the neck and supple limbs to fall in a form that reveals the essence.  With a  masterly technique cultivated over  twenty years, paint is applied to canvas in a manner that allows grace to shine through the human form.  


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